In Memoriam

George passed away on March 23, 2022, at home in his own bed, in peace and comfort, surrounded by his immediate family. He made the world a better place and he will always be remembered by his family and friends.

A Full Life

His eighty-three years of life encompassed an incredible journey from California farm boy to anti-war activist, from international reporter to independent publisher, and from university professor to art photographer. For a glimpse at the range of his experiences, read a brief overview of George’s life.


A memorial was held on Sunday, May 8, in New York City, featuring eulogies from six people who shared different aspects of George’s life:

Photographic Work

George devoted much of his final decade to photography. To see a sampling of his work, visit his online portfolio. His final project was the publication of a book of his photographs from the last decade of his life, entitled What You Love.

Share Your Memories

You are invited to share your own memories of George’s life by adding a comment below.

2 thoughts on “In Memoriam

  1. Kenneth B Smith

    John Broughton introduced me to George about five years ago. John has been talking about his friend who is taking classes at the international Center for photography. I am a photographer and I believe I went to see a show at ICP of student work even before I met George.

    At any rate, when we did finally meet we became good friends. We went to quite a few galleries and museums together.

    I am only a few years younger than George but hanging out with him was like being in college all over again. We shared so many interests and never tired of making new discoveries together.

    Well five years ago we spent a week of evenings together watching the Ken Burns series on the Vietnam War. My wife was away visiting family and George and I sharing our memories of that very formative time in both our lives. I learned a lot about George that week, about his family and about why he came to New York and his marriage. I never met his wife.

    1. Matthew Post author

      Ken — George and I re-watched that same Ken Burns documentary during his final weeks; it was clearly a pivotal time for many people’s lives. Thanks for sharing that memory.


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